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Shaun T – Titanium Abs

Extra 5 min Workout VIDEO for (FRIDAY) From Shaun T This is called “Titanium ABS!” YOU WILL NEED A SMALL TOWEL! Prepare to burn!   Post by Shaun T.   Please (SHARE)! Fit for the 4th of July Challenge! Do each exercise for 1 minute for an EXTRA 5 minute Burn- To be done in [...]

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Mass Building Shoulder Workout

An awesome shoulder workout that will challenge you and create Strong and Massive Shoulders     Trying to bring up you shoulders? Here’s an awesome workout that will definitely help. In today’s video, we are going to do an awesome shoulder workout that will challenge you. Workouts like this will get your shoulders strong and [...]

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30 Day Ab Challenge – Day 19

30 day Ab Challenge – Day 19 8 Abdominal Exercises To RIP Your Abs 8 Abdominal Exercises 30 Seconds Each 2 Minute Rest in between 3 Rounds Total 1. 3/4 Situps 2. 3/4 Side Twists 3. Heel Touches 4. Bicycles 5. Cocoons 6. Side Plank – Right and Left 7. Bottoms Up 8. Elbows To [...]

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How To Do More Pull Ups

3 Tips to Increase the Number of Pull Ups You Can Do We all know that Pull Ups are an Excellent Staple in getting that very cool V Shape we want. To Spread Your Wings as it were you gotta have the Lats to Back it up… Here are 3 little tips to help you [...]

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4-Minute Full Body Home Workout

4-Minute Full Body Home Workout Craig Ballantyne, MS, CTT  shows you a 4 minute bodyweight-only workout that you can add to any workout you’re currently doing or use on an off-day to ramp up your body’s fat burning hormones done by Certified Turbulence Trainer, Brian Kalakay. 4-Minute Home Workout Revolution Circuit: start of exercises: 0:28 List [...]

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