Home Bicep and Triceps Workout with Mike Chang

Home Bicep and Triceps Workout

Ready to CRUSH Your Arms? I mean like PUMP THEM UP?


Looking for an Arm Exercise that will get the Blood Pumping?  Something that will help you Grow Your Arms and get past that sticking point?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced is where I hit that ‘Plateau” and couldn’t seem to move past it.  You know – where no matter what I did the muscle group stayed stagnant.

NOT that I have any HUGE arms or legs for that matter – remember I am just an average Joe like you – but I AM looking to grow bigger and bigger.

I am pretty sure I won’t get like monster arms like Mike Chang here but one thing is for certain – after THIS Bicep and Triceps Workout , my arms will defiantly now about it.

How about you – do YOU have what it takes to finish?



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  1. Danilyuk March 13, 2013 at 8:53 am #

    Red Delta Followers,From my point-of-view, as a person who rllaey enjoys physical activity already, a perfect’ workout takes into account the things’ that make it difficult to partake in the activities that I like to do. A perfect’ workout can be designed around the following factors- In order of least to most experienced.1. Finding a safe time’- any time that exists outside my personal/professional life.2. Keeping focus on other areas of life Family and friends.3. Psychological elements like some tiredness, slight fatigue, headaches.4. A feeling of flatness in workouts/training.5. Physical limitations (niggles/injuries).6. Locations.How I work around these issues is dependent on me and my life context. I would love to hear the different factors that make it difficult for you, how they effect you and how you try to/overcome them.Laurie

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