As we start having people ask us about our fitness journey, we'll post the most common ones here!


Question:  I've done this ___ for this ___ many days, and haven't seen any results! HELP?!

Answer: This is pretty easy! 1) If you're not already, eat clean. You won't see any results without eating right!  You can't eat a double mc-hamburger baconator, run for thirty minutes, and make progress.  If you poke around on our blog, especially on our recipe and nutrition section, you'll see how how we both eat clean in different ways. Olivia is vegan, and has a mainly raw fruit and vegetable based diet, while Terry eats clean by avoiding a lot of processed junk but eats things like rice, and chicken.

2) What works for me, might not work for you! Everyone is different! Olivia reaches her fitness goals, and health goals, in a different way that Terry, but their process works for THEM. It's a trial and error thing, where you try something and see if it works!

3) You have to mix it up! You can't constantly be doing the same thing day after day because you will plateau! That's the reason why we post such a variety of ways to workout, so you're rarely doing the same exercise twice!

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