Bodyweight Workouts – Get Fit Anywhere with Bodyweight Exercises

Body Weight Workouts

Get Fit Anywhere with Bodyweight Exercises

Looking for a good – quick workout but don't have a gym around?  Can't afford expensive gym equipment?

Try this bodyweight workout that is Quick – Easy and doesn't cost you a dime!

Craig Ballantyne gives you a quick 8 minute or so bodyweight workout that you can do in your Hotel Room, the backyard, with your kids, pretty much anywhere.

Now, before you go pooh-poohing this exercise as “Just” a Body Weight exercise, you might want to see the little strategic moves that Craig adds to the routine to make them more intense.  Don't Wimp Out – give it a try.

I have watched Craig grow incredibly as a Trainer, Fitness expert and a person over the years.  He always looks for what actually Works and what is B.S.

 You can find more Craig Ballantyne Workouts HERE

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