Why Personal Trainers Love Visalus

Why Personal Trainers Love Visalus

Is it the Results or The Money?


We all know that 99.9% of people who go to the gym have one common goal. Whether it is to lose weight, build muscle or get fit, they all want to look better, feel better and live a healthier lifestyle. In addition to exercise, nutrition is a key component in health and fitness. By introducing the ViSalus Body by Vi™ Challenge to your clients, they will see greater results, GUARANTEED!

So what is the 90 Day Challenge?

It is not another fad diet. The ViSalus line of products was formulated by the #1 doctor in the nation, Dr. Michael Seidman, who has received numerous accreditations and has been a consultant to the NHL, NFL, MLB and other professional sports leagues. Funded through the National Institute of Health, all of the ViSalus products are patented and/or patent pending. The system is based on nutrition that helps burn fat, boosts metabolism and helps control hunger. As a matter of fact, it is the only program on the market that helps to burn fat while simultaneously building lean muscle.

With over 90,000 new people joining every month, the Body by Vi™ Challenge continues to be fastest growing health challenge in the United States and Canada. Numerous gyms and personal trainers have already incorporated it into their overall fitness regimen. The program gives you a way to offer you client's faster results and creates a steady stream of loyalty and referrals. The 3 for free referral system encourages your clients to bring 3 friends into the challenge in order to get their product for free.

What your clients will experience from the Body by Vi™ 90 Day Challenge:

The highest grade of Non GMO Soy Protein and Supplements reasonably priced to fit every budget.
Weight loss in a shorter amount of time.
An increase in amount of muscle mass.
Shorter post work out recovery time.
Higher energy levels.

The ability to save money by redirecting how they are already spending money on the foods they're already eating.
A referral program, known as the “Refer 3, Get Your Product Free”.
A chance to win $25M in cash and prizes, including cruises and Hollywood makeovers.
Greater motivation by tapping into the ViSalus community which provides free online tools and support for everyone on the Body by Vi™ Challenge.
Fun — The Body by Vi™ Challenge is fun! After all, who doesn't like a challenge?


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