5 Minute Ab Workout – Get Ripped Abs in 5 Minutes or less

Get Ripped Abs in 5 Minutes Or Less

How To Lose the Beer Gut, Love Handles and Belly Pooch

Looking for a Quick Abdominal Exercise?

Maybe you are too sore from the day before. 

Maybe you are looking for a hotel exercise – something quick, easy that doesn't require you to head down to the crappy little gym.

Could be that you just Don't Have Time To Exercise

Whatever the reason you are facing one thing is perfectly clear:

You Do Not Need Hours of Exercises To Get Ripped Abs

Now let's be clear – 6 Pack Abs Are Built In The Kitchen.  

You can spend YEARS and Years Exercising but if you are constantly sweating out last nights beer bash – and then trying to spend HOURS in the gym doing abs- that is not going to get you what you want.

You know you want A Flatter Tummy,  No More Love Handles,  to get rid of that “Dickie Doo” you have been sporting around for all these years.

But if you eat like an undisciplined person and drink like a fish – these won't help you at all. What they will do is give you a firmer foundation and Core Strength.  But not a Six Pack.

So make a Commitment Now –

To Get Rid of That Body Fat you must:

Eat Good Healthy Foods

Get Plenty of Sleep

Drink LOTS of Water

 Get Plenty of Fresh Air

Stay Active

Exercise Regularly

Now Mike Chang has a Proven System  for a Ripped Body and How to Get a Six Pack that will also help you  through his Personal Fitness Advice

You can find out more about that here at his 6 Pack Short Cuts site

To Eat Healthy here is what I am doing:
I cut out all Sodas

No more White Starchy Foods – like Breads and Potatoes.  (Yeah I know, the good stuff)

I started eating 5 to 6 times a day to boost my Metabolism.  These were smaller, portioned size meals designed to keep the bodies natural furnace stoke hot all day and night.

I drink a Glass of Water Right when I wake up to Hydrate.

I try to start an Exercise while on an Empty Stomach – again right when I wake up.  Then I make sure to get 30 Grams of High Quality Protein right after working out.

If I can't do an exercise right when I wake up then I eat 30 Grams of High Quality Protein within 30 Minutes of Waking up.

 How do you get 30 Grams of High Quality Protein that Tastes Good AND Will not taste Chalky or like you are drinking sawdust?

That's simple – I use  Visalus Proprietary Tri-Sorb Protein

Here is why – Visalus gives you 24 Grams of Protein in each of it's meal replacement shakes.  And it is by far the best meal replacement shake I have tasted.  Visalus is also a Complete Meal – no need to guess and wonder if you are getting the right amounts of veggies etc.  It was originally designed for Pro Sports Teams so it certainly has a little bit of research done on it in ensure its ingredients are safe, healthy and the very Best that you can buy.

Now then – You have some Meal Suggestions.  You have a GREAT 5 Minute Ab Exercise – Get to Rockin YOUR Challenge!

Terry Wygal


****Please  note – I am not a Doctor – this is not Medical Advice – there may be conditions about you that I couldn't possibly know about – in which case you should be getting your questions answered by one.  Or at lease review those 2 suggestions with your Doctor.  You should also check with a Doctor before starting an exercise program…  Kinda sound like Common Sense I know but just to be sure you hear it again 😉


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