Mike Chang Ninja Workout

Want To Get Crazy Ninja Strong?

Check Out This Ninja Workout By Six Pack Short Cuts!

When I was in high school, the ninja vs pirates debate was more widely and heatedly argued than any sort of political talk.  The main argument for pirates was that they blew things up with cannons and sailed the seven seas without a care in the world. NINJAS on the other hand were stealthy, strong warriors that could clear 7 story buildings in a single jump and fly over 250 feet to battle bad guys.  So obviously, ninjas win in the strength department!


So, when I saw that Mike Chang from Six Pack Shortcuts had made a ninja workout, I got a bit excited.  And after watching the video, I bet you'd be ninja ready too! Seriously, this workout will make you have a crazy strong core for balancing on tree limbs and all the other stuff ninjas do.

The workout consists of three moves, that you do for 30 seconds each and repeat for 5 minutes.

Plank punch // 30 seconds – In the plank position, aternate punhing your arm straight forward like superman in flight. This exercise will help build enormous core strength and well defined abs.

Butterfly crunches // 30 seconds – Butterfly crunches works tremendously on the side of your abs which will help you build an awesome 3 dimensional look for your abs.

Twisting plank // 30 Seconds – Stay in the plank position and maintaining balance on one arm. Twist you body and flex your back for an even more intense fat burning effect.


As you can see, this will help you seriously build that core strength, as well as helping you get really nice abs.  I'm not at the fitness level for this, but I'm working my way up to it!
Comment below and tell me how you liked it!

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