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Murph Wod

How to Prepare For Murph WOD in 2 Weeks

With Memorial Day only 2 weeks away, there is one workout that the CrossFit world begins to talk about – “Murph.” I have done this workout many times, and every time I look to better my last attempt at it. I have put together a quick 2-week program that you can do at home or at the […]

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Beginning Exercise Program – 1 Critical Reason People Fail!

How to Avoid The Vicious Stop and Start Cycle of a New Exercise or Diet Program That Crushes Most Peoples Chances For Success at Losing Weight and Getting Fit   Know anyone that has ever started

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Visalus Project 10 Winner Terry Wygal

I lost 10 Lbs in 2 Weeks!

Visalus Project 10 Winner Terry Wygal, of The Workout of The Day, Wins $1,000 How Terry Lost 10Lbs in 2 Weeks Hey guys!  Can you believe it?  I won $1,000 as a Visalus Project 10 Winner?   Imagine this – You start a diet because you realize, after 20 years of not doing anything, you are rapidly […]

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Why Personal Trainers Love Visalus

Why Personal Trainers Love Visalus Is it the Results or The Money? We all know that 99.9% of people who go to the gym have one common goal. Whether it is to lose weight, build muscle or get fit,

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Spartacus: Official Exercise Blood and Sand!

Spartacus Blood and Sand! : Official Workout Get A Cut and Ripped Body Like The Spartacus Actors The Official Spartacus Blood and Sand Workout Routine Demonstrated: Have you been watching Spartacus

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Ab Workout Gets a Flat Stomach With Perfect Belly Exercises

Workouts For a Flat Stomach How to Get a Flatter Belly If you want to lose weight and gain muscle you will not want to do the same exercises every single day. What makes a lot of sense is to start

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Bodyweight Exercises – Top 44 Body Weight Exercises Demonstrated

Bodyweight Exercises Video Demonstration of the Top 44 Bodyweight Exercises Many people think that exercising has to be expensive to be effective.  That could not be further from the truth.  One of the

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Bodyweight Workouts – Get Fit Anywhere with Bodyweight Exercises

Body Weight Workouts Get Fit Anywhere with Bodyweight Exercises Looking for a good – quick workout but don’t have a gym around?  Can’t afford expensive gym equipment? Try this bodyweight workout that

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5 Minute Ab Workout – Get Ripped Abs in 5 Minutes or less

5 Minute Ab Workout – Get Ripped Abs in 5 Minutes or less

Get Ripped Abs in 5 Minutes Or Less How To Lose the Beer Gut, Love Handles and Belly Pooch Looking for a Quick Abdominal Exercise? Maybe you are too sore from the day before.  Maybe you

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Home Bicep and Triceps Workout with Mike Chang

Home Bicep and Triceps Workout Ready to CRUSH Your Arms? I mean like PUMP THEM UP?   Looking for an Arm Exercise that will get the Blood Pumping?  Something that will help you Grow Your Arms

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