Harder Workout Than Crossfit?

Is This A Harder Workout than Crossfit?

A System YOU can actually do from HOME – without a trainer – because it automatically ADAPTS to keep you burning maximum fat, week after week.

As you may know I am starting a new Challenge – Given that I spent the last 4 weeks doing a Clean Bulk – it's time I started to get RIPPED.

When I started losing from my top weight of 242 lbs down to 197 I was feeling AWESOME.

I lost 40 Lbs

But I hit a Plateau.  Everything I did – the harder workouts – lowered the carbs even MORE…. ate LEANER Meats…. hit the treadmill and stairmaster like a FIEND…  Nothing – couldn't get past that dang 197lbs mark.  ( The picture to the left is me at about the 202 Lbs mark)

So we started a Clean Bulk and I popped up to 212 in about 4 weeks.

( YES Visalus Shake Mix was a Big Part of My Weight Loss) 

We did the Clean Bulk to shock the system and greatly reduced the cardio.

And during this time I found I had a TREMENDOUS amount of energy when I lifted.  In that 4 week period I gained about 15 pounds on my Dumbell Bench Press as well and my Dumbell Pull Overs.

( remember guys, I'm just an average joe than has found his way back into the gym – so chill out on the snide remarks huh? 😉   )

Anyway… my coach and I hit the level we wanted, 215,  and its time to slim back down.  BUT – I don't want to do a ton of Cardio.  Being in the gym for hours is not for me anymore.

After a little researching on the web I found Today's Workout Of The Day.

So here is today's Exercise – all Loaded up for you.  Watch it – Do It and Let's Get Sweaty!

The Workout Of The Day

12 Minutes – As Many As Rounds as You Can
5 Bodyweight Rows
Downward Dog to Upward Dog
19 Kneeling Pushups
15 Summo Squats


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