CRAZY Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout

How To End Belly Fat Once and For All

It's Mike Chang here with Six Pack Shortcuts. Today I'm going to show you an intense cardio workout that is going to burn a ton of fat and strengthen your core. It is going to be very simple, but very intense. These exercises will burn a ton a calories in a short amount of time.

Workout breakdown:

The entire workout consists of 10 reps per exercises for 4 rounds. There will be 3 exercises.

0:20 A dumbbell squat and dumbbell press is your first move. You do a squat as low as you can go with you form and then you want to do a dumbbell shoulder press.

0:40 You are going to do bicep curls for the second exercise. The important thing to remember to do when you are doing bicep curls, is to make sure you squeeze your bicep so that you get a full contraction.

0:41 The third exercise we are going to be doing today is a dumbbell fly, with a leg raise. So, when you bring the dumbbells in to contract your chest… lift your legs as well.

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I will be honest with you and let you know that I haven't always had the body I wanted. I used to avoid being in public with my shirt off and now I am proud to show off my hard work.

The most important thing to know is the right way to get a ripped body. It is hard enough to train consistently, but you want to do things right so you don't waste time. It all turned around for me once I discovered this one “new style” of training that builds muscle and burns fat faster than I ever imagined.

Check out this “new style” of training, so you can finally get a ripped body and six pack abs.

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Train Hard,

Thank Mike Chang from Six Pack Short Cuts!

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