Explosive Cardio Workout

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Explosive Cardio Workout

Cardio Workout of The Day

I was looking for a Cardo Workout of The Day that would kick things to a higher level – ad a little Afterburn Fuel to the Workout as it were.

So –  I found THIS Video that worked pumped things up for me – Follow along and Get Ya Some:

This is Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts and today I’ll take you through my muscle explosion workout.

In this workout you learn how to create an intense muscle pump and build lean vein popping muscle fast.

Video breakdown:

**30 seconds each for 4 rounds

2:12 Start workout

Jumping knee tucks: Make sure you get your knee past your waist on every jump.

Mountain climbers Push-ups: After every 5 mountain climber, super-set with 1 push-up.

Box jumps: Box jumps can be done on any hard raised surface. You can use a bench, stairs or if you have nothing to

jump on… just do a jump squat.

mikeexplosivecardio 300x141 Explosive Cardio Workout

And If you’re serious about building a V- Shape upper body, watch this video.

Get a V Shaped Upper Body

I’ve always had trouble building muscle on my upper body. It seems like no matter what I would do, my upper body would never get ripped and muscular. Until one day I discovered a new style of training called “Monster Sets” that finally helped me build ripped muscles and finally got me the V-Shaped upper body that I’ve always wanted.

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