20 Minute Circuit Workout Routine

Craig Ballantyne Home Workout Revolution

 20 Minute Circuit Workout Routine

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A lot of people that hate me and curse my name all the time. And if you've never met me, well, I'm going to give you 101 reasons right now to hate Craig Ballantyne.

Alright, today we have Workout C from the TT Summer 60 workout program. It's 101 of the most brutal reps you can do, all done in a 20-minute circuit. Ready? Let's go…

First, as your warm-up, just do a couple reps of each exercise from the actual workout. But for the “Deadlift” warm-up, use a lighter weight than you would during the workout.

1. Deadlift (21 reps of your bodyweight)

NOTE #1: this exercise is ONLY for people who are NOT overweight and who are familiar with the exercise. Otherwise do a Dumbbell Squat, using a weight that challenges you for 21 reps.

NOTE #2: if you know how to do a Deadlift, but you are NOT strong enough to do your bodyweight, that's fine. But guys, for the actual challenge, you'll want to start at 135 pounds in order to “officially” finish the 101 Reasons to Hate Craig Ballantyne workout. For women, your official challenge is 95 pounds.

Tip: place your feet in a position where you had to jump as high as possible.

2. Spiderman Pushups (20 reps/side)

If you can't do 20/side, then do 10/side, or do regular pushups (but again, that's not “official”).

3. Bulgarian Split Squats (20 reps/side)

4. Pull-ups (20 reps)

Break the reps up into whatever amount you need to in order to get through them as quickly as possible.

5. Burpees (20 reps)

Again, you have 20 minutes to get through the warm-up and the circuit. Just get through as much as possible, using good form on all reps. If you finish with time still remaining, go through the circuit and do a few more reps.

So there's 101 Reasons to Hate Craig Ballantyne. Let me know in the comments below what YOUR official time was for this workout. Mine was 9min 30sec. Crush that!

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