Hate Your Love Handles? Here’s 7 Special Tips To Get a Flat Belly

Top 10 Tips to a Flat Stomach in 7 Days

Serious About Wanting To Get A Flat Belly? Here's How To Say No More Love Handles!


Ready To look HOT for Swim Suit Season? 


Then the Time to Start on those Abs , Bellies and Tummy is NOW!

A flat stomach is a nice thing to have.  That is why you should include abdominal exercises in your Workout Of The Day program.

The nice thing about a CrossFit routine is that you get to vary what you do.  That way if there is something that is not your favorite you do not have to do it every single day.

Forget what you think that you know about ab exercises.  You probably did sit ups in your gym class back in high school.  The traditional sit ups do not do much for your abs, they mostly just hurt your neck.  Instead you need to learn the proper way to do  Crunches and Planks.  That will help to flatten your stomach and will not hurt your neck in the process.

The basic crunch is quite simple. You lie on the floor with your knees bent and your hands behind your head. You slowly lift your shoulders and back only a couple of inches off the floor.  You hold the position for at least five seconds.  You then slowly lower yourself back down.

Once you have mastered the basic crunch you can do some variations on it. Hold your arms behind your head, putting your hands together.  You can then do the same movement that way. You might also want to raise your feet, crossing them at the ankles and then do the crunch.  A third variation is a reverse crunch.  Raise your feet, crossing them at the ankles.  Raise and lower yourself by lifting your hips off of the floor.

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