Leg Day Bodybuilding

Need a Leg Day Workout? Try This Video To Really Build Up Your Leg Muscles

This video is a part of a program, but it can be used alone for a Leg Day Workout!

The workout that he has you do is:
Leg Press
-Target: Quads
-Warmup Sets: 4-5
-Sets: 3
-Reps: 12-20

Hamstring Curl
-Target: Hamstring
-Warmup sets: 2
-Sets: 3
-Reps: 12-15

Lying Hamstring Curl:
-Target: Hamstring:
-Warmup Sets: 2
-Reps: 12-15

Leg Extension:
-Target: Quads:
-Warmup Sets: 2
-Sets: 2
-Reps: 15-20

Hack Squat:
-Target: Quads
-Warmup Sets: 2
-Sets: 3
-Reps: 20-30

He also included some tips:

Tips For This Workout Day:
• Make sure each and every workout is at its best.
• Make sure you've eaten your breakfast and taken your pre-workout shake before your cardio.
• When doing your warm-up sets pyramid the weight up to 70% of your maximum lift for the exercise.
• Working to failure means you won't be able to complete one more rep even if you want to.
• Your rest periods should last between 1 and 2 minutes, but make sure you're recovered enough to complete the next set.
• Lying hamstring curls can be done without a machine by holding a dumbbell between your feet, but make sure you have a partner to help place the dumbbell and to help keep it between your feet.
• Get yourself a nice set of knee wraps to keep your knees safe during your heavy working sets.
• It is normal to feel a little light headed or a little sick.
• Get your post-workout shake in immediately after your workout.


About Olivia Wygal

Olivia is a 19 year old college student who enjoys long walks in nature with frequent tree huggings. When she's not at school or with friends, she is constantly looking through nutrition blogs and different workout videos to find new workouts for her ever expanding athletic abilities. Pilates, Kettlebells, Swimming, and Yoga are her favorite workouts, but she is always up to trying new things

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