Lost 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Part 2

Visalus Project 10 Winner Terry Wygal Shares his Diet and Exercise Strategies To Drop 10 Lbs in 2 Weeks


OK – So what was the biggest obstacle for me to lose the 10 Lbs on The Challenge?

It was the fact that I had already lost 20 Lbs on my prior Challenge!

Terry Wygal Before and AfterWhen Visalus first rolled out the Project 10 Challenge I had already completed one 90 Day Challenge and had actually dropped 20 Lbs in the first 5 Weeks!

My biggest concern going into this was – can I actually drop another 10 in time?  My mind was playing games with me saying you already dropped a bunch – so now what?

 The Healthy Meal Plan of Attack

 So – here is what I did:

1.  I made sure to drink a Visalus Shake within the First 30 Minutes of Waking Up – I Found that this would kill any hunger from the sleep – ad some much needed nourishment to my body and kept me from feeling Hungry all day.

2.  My Meal Cycles went to 5 to 6 Smaller Portion Sized Meals a day – 2 of which were Visalus Shakes or a Visalus Nutra-Cookie and a Teaspoon of Almond Butter.  Nutra-Cookies are Gluten Free and VERY Healthy!

I had the meals increased because it was a way for me to Re-Kickstart my Metabolism Furnace… it had slowed WAY down as I got older.

3.  My diet consisted of a lot of Chicken, Fish, Egg Whites, Broccoli, Rice and Asparagus.  I REALLY cut back on the Salt, Sugars and Carbs.

4.  I made sure that I had my Vitamins from the Visalus Vi-Pack and

mealprepto REALLY get my Metabolism Furnace Burning that fat off I used the Visalus Vi-Trim and Vi-Slim twice a day.    They were Scientifically designed to work together to burn off 150 Calories together.  And With ZERO Stimulants, Crashes or Jitters!

Vi-Trim helps you control your hunger and keeps you from wanting to go off your meal plan, read CHEAT 😉  – it saved my bacon, so to speak more than once.

5.  If I DID have a Cheat meal or day I really didn't let it bother me.  At All – I just got back into it and went from there.

6.  My WHOLE family got into the Challenge and we all started eating Healthy.  We would actually make the meals and get it all together on the weekends.  Then whenever it was time to eat we just pulled out a container or made a shake.

I LOVE to BBQ so the chicken and any meats like the Lean Beef or Fish was done over a Mesquite Smoked Fire…. HMMMMMMMM

7.   We switched to Almond Milk – do you know how much Sugar is in Regular Milk?  And the Calories???  I didn't until I started to compare the 2 – now we hardly ever bring Milk into the house at all.

 The Exercise Program for My Workout of The Day

Most of my exercises are posted here or on our Facebook Page  But here are the basics:

1.  I laid a Foundation – for the first couple of weeks I did just 1 Body Part a Day ( remember that I really hadn't touched a weight in YEARS! )

2.  My Cardio consisted of the Stairmasters – when I first started I really thought that I would pass out after 15 minutes – there was no way I was gonna make it to 30.  So each day I went a little further and further….

3.  The I would hit the Weights – I had an exercise routine of Free Weights And Machine Weights.

Since it was 1 Muscle group per day in the beginning we laid the foundation with Squats, Curls, Pulldowns, Tricep Extensions etc…

4.  We did 4 Sets with 8 to 10 Reps Each – and ONLY 1 minute of rest in between – this kept my heart rate up AND I got out of the gym quicker.  ( i have NO problem asking someone sitting there chatting or texting to give up the bench.  😉

5.  After that I would alternate Abs or Calves….  usually 3 – 4 Abs exercises or 2 Calves.

My program has changed now – so keep an eye out for additional workouts I am doing like this one  😀

The Main Thing to Remember About Weight Loss

1.  People will really challenge what you are doing – mostly, I have found, because they don't like Change.  I found I wanted to see my Grand Babies have Grand Babies and hit the 75 Years of Marriage to my Wife.   ( know your WHY)

2.  Don't worry or stress if you have an occasional snack… Just keep Moving Forward!

3.  Find someone who will work with you and help you.  When guys on my Team call me and tell me how they have dropped 30, 40 50 and YES even 60 Pounds like David Kelly did I am just as PUMPED and Excited as they are.

4.  Start your exercise program wherever you feel comfortable.  Do NOT Over Exercise! That will take days or weeks off your progress.

5.  One of the BIGGEST thing I learned is to Schedule your activity.  And KEEP the schedule – if you start the day off by breaking a commitment to yourself the rest of the day seems to follow that path.  It's kind of like – well I missed that one so I can skip the next one and the one after that.  It has a Snowball Effect.

About Terry Wygal

Terry Wygal Husband, Daddy, New Grandpaw (Dado) and Fire Fighter - Serial Entrepreneur with strong ties in the Real Estate, Internet Marketing and Health Related industries. Married 22 years and the Father of 3, In his spare time Terry is out protecting his Community as a Fire Fighter for the last 11 years or so. http://HealthandFitnessUpdates.com and http://TerryWygal.com

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