Kettlebell Workout For Women Who Want To Get Into Serious Shape

Work Your Entire Body Using This Kettlebell Routine Of Five Movements

Grab The Kettlebell And Start Swinging Into Fitness With This Toning Workout

Hey guys! So I’m still sweating from this workout. It doesn’t seem like it’d be very challenging, but I’ve learned that when there’s kettlebell, there will be the tears of my fat as well! Even though this workout is a beginners kettlebell routine, it has something I’ve never done before; Turkish Getups. May I just take a minute to express how silly I looked trying to get up while holding my 15 lb kettlebell after being exhausted from the workout already? I feel so great right now though!

The moves in this video are:
Kettlebell Swing
Split Overhead Lunge
Turkish Getup

For this workout, you should do each movement for 30 seconds-1 minute without stopping, then repeat 3-4 times. After you’re done with those sets, rest for a minute then continue onto the next set! In this video, she shows you the proper way to preform a Turkish getup, so I grabbed the text from her website for you to see:

~Laying on your back with the kb pressed straight overhead in your left hand, straighten
your right leg and right arm, and move it off at a 30 degree angle away from your body.
~Using your core, crunch up onto your elbow keeping the kettlebell overhead
~Continue sitting up to your hand
~Return slowly in to the ground
~Inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up.

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How’d YOU like the Turkish getups? Comment below!

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