Lower Your Blood Sugar

Hey, it’s Terry, and you've
probably heard over and over again that carbohydrates are perhaps the
WORST thing you could eat when trying to lose fat or transform your
body, and for most people, that's 100%

Fact is, due to years of consuming a diet full of processed carbs and
sugars, most people have grown quite insensitive to one
of the most important hormones in our body—a hormone that can either be
a huge asset to your body transformation goals, or a total fat-loss and
health-derailing nightmare.  

The name of this hormone is insulin.

Lower Your Blood Sugar

Lower Your Blood Sugar

And insulin's function is to help your body keep blood sugar at bay,
clear it quickly from your bloodstream after a carbohydrate meal, and
(hopefully) shuttle that blood sugar to muscle tissue for energy
instead of into fat cells (driving up your weight).

I say “hopefully” because that's actually the exact opposite of what
occurs when most people eat carbs.  Going back to insulin
sensitivity and carbohydrate tolerance, due to a diet full of
processed, insulin- and blood-sugar-spiking carbohydrates, most folks
are suffering from some level of insulin resistance, a condition in
which insulin is no longer able to efficiently remove blood sugar from
the blood stream.

The result?  Dramatically reduced fat burning, increased blood
sugar levels and increased fat storage.

Even worse, insulin resistance can and often does lead to type II
diabetes and an array of other health problems over time, such as an
increased risk for Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders, premature
aging, heart disease, and even stroke…and it all leads back to insulin

Ideally, when you consume carbohydrates, here is what you want to

1.  Minimum insulin release.
This occurs when your body is highly sensitive to insulin.
When it is, only a small amount of insulin is necessary to effectively
and efficiently clear glucose from your blood to its storage
sites.  This is great news because your body has an incredibly difficult time
burning fat in the presence of insulin.  The less insulin you
have floating around, the better.

2.  Quick and efficient blood sugar clearance.
Again, this will occur when your body is highly sensitive to insulin.

3.  Maximum glycogen uptake.
Glycogen is the term used for stored carbohydrate in muscle tissue and
the liver.  When these tissues are highly sensitive to
insulin, the vast majority of blood glucose will be stored within them
as an energy reserve, instead of being converted to fat.

4.  Minimum fat storage.  When
you increase insulin sensitivity, your body will choose to store your
carbohydrate intake as energy, again in lean muscle tissue and the
liver, instead of body fat.

Simply put, your body's ability to process the carbohydrates you eat
all comes down to your insulin sensitivity and your body's ability to
quickly and efficiently clear sugar from your blood.

Knowing that, and also knowing that you yourself are very likely
suffering from too much blood sugar and some degree of insulin
resistance due to the previously mentioned dietary and lifestyle
factors, you’re probably wondering what you can do to improve your
insulin sensitivity and make your body responsive once again to this
critically important hormone.

Fortunately, there are 4 somewhat odd, but extremely effective
strategies you can begin using that will ultimately end your struggle
with insulin resistance and carbohydrate intolerance once and for all,
while finally allowing you to experience the excitement of seeing a
thinner waist, flatter stomach, and a more defined body when looking
back at yourself in the bathroom mirror each morning.

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