Upper Body Workout Exercise Routine Demonstrated

Upper Body Workout Exercise Routine Demonstrated

4 Minute TOTAL Upper Body Exercise Online Video


Craig Ballantyne Turbulence TrainingLooking for an Upper Body Routine but don't have a lot of time?

Watch the Total Upper Body Workout demonstrated by Craig Ballantyne and then read his thoughts on:

Where will you be in 4 weeks?

I don't mean physically, but I do mean “physically”.

Where will your body be? Will it be leaner? Fatter? More muscular?
Weaker? Stronger? Will you have reached your goals?

Will your workout program and nutrition plan help you succeed? Or
have you been stuck with the same body from the same old workout
for the last month? (Or worse, even longer?)

With the right program, you will be leaner, more energetic,
stronger, and firmer. People you haven't seen in over a month will
do a double-take.

Every 4-weeks you should also pick up more healthy habits that are
easier to stick to. While it might be hard to get “an apple a day”
right now, consistent practice will make this a snap by the end of
your 4-week commitment.

Think of all the healthy habits you can build in 4-weeks…and the
head-turning changes in your body that will result.

Always move in a positive direction, and avoid sliding back for
long periods of time. And should you have a rough spell, just
get back on the 4-week improvement plan – start again, with
a positive attitude.

So begin your 4-week Transformation today by choosing more
fruits and vegetables. Choose grilled chicken over breaded chicken.
And soon, old friends will be asking “What have you been doing?!”
when they meet you again.

Let Turbulence Training & the TT Fat Loss Nutrition Program be your
guide to your best body ever. Get your very own copy of the Best Fat
Loss Program in the world here:

=> Turbulence Training

Little by little, day by day, week by week. Each day better than
the last.


Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training


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