5 Minute Six Pack Abs Belly Fat Destroyer

Work On Your Six Pack Abs With Mike Chang

Change How Your Stomach Looks With This 5 Minute Workout

Here's another way to tone up your core, blast your belly fat, and get NICE six pack abs!  Mike Chang made this workout specifically to target your stomach fat and destroy it!  It's a very fast workout, but it'll get the job done quick, and you'll be closer to your dream body!


The workout is:

Routine Breakdown:
3 set of 30 seconds interval set.

Knee to elbow crunches

See, wasn't that quick? There is always time for a quick workout, remember no excuses.


I love his workouts, because they're things you can do at home easily, without having to worry about heading to the gym.  There's no excuse for you to NOT workout, when you can just sneak these in every few hours in your day!

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