Killer Kettlebell Bodyweight Workout

Kettlebell-Bodyweight Workout:

A KILLER Weekend Workout

1A) KB Front Squat (1 KB racked in each hand) – 12 reps
1B) KB 1-Arm Clean & Press – 6 reps per side
1C) KB Swing (2 hands, 1 KB) – 20 reps
Rest 1 minute and repeat 3 

more times.

2A) Jumps (Box Jump or Long Jumps) – 5 reps
2B) Pullups – Max Reps
2C) Pushups – Max Reps
– Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

I was spent after that…and while I thought of adding this TRX circuit on, I realized I didn't need it:
3A) TRX 1-Leg Squat
3B) TRX Row
3C) TRX Ab Fallout

Proceed with caution if you do. That's a tough, tough workout right there.

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