Great Gatsby Flapper Dance Workout

I'm SUPER excited to go see the Great Gatsby, not only for Leo, but because that was one of my favorite books in high school. Roaring twenties, flappers, and swing dancing! I've been needing to do more cardio lately, so when I found this I figured it'd be a fun new way to get my cardio done, as well as learning how to dance! I love Casey Ho's blogilates, and I'm determined to get this dance down because it looks like so much fun. I can't even begin to explain the dance, so you'll have to watch to learn it!

Fun right?! Obviously don't rely on JUST this for a workout, but if you need a way to sneak in some cardio and want it to be SERIOUSLY fun, this is how you do it. As I'm sure you can tell, I love to mix up my routines, so adding in something like this every once and a while really helps to get me going.

Something to keep in mind is that unless you've been in dance basically all your life, you're going to look ridiculous while doing this. *I* looked absolutely ridiculous doing this. But just have fun with it! (:

*This is a Great Gatsby inspired workout, not affiliated with Warner Bros. All dance moves are reminiscent of the 1920s and the cardio dance routine was choreographed by fitness instructor Cassey Ho (seen in the video) as a way to celebrate the premiere of the movie, The Great Gatsby. This can be considered a parody.*

About Olivia Wygal

Olivia is a 19 year old college student who enjoys long walks in nature with frequent tree huggings. When she's not at school or with friends, she is constantly looking through nutrition blogs and different workout videos to find new workouts for her ever expanding athletic abilities. Pilates, Kettlebells, Swimming, and Yoga are her favorite workouts, but she is always up to trying new things

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