Love Handle Exercises – Lose the Love Handles with 1 Exercise

This 3-4 MIN. Exercise Will Work The LOVE HANDLES On GUYS & The Belly Pooch ON Gals…WITHOUT Crunches!!!


And it's NOT a sit up, plank or ab machine exercise. Those are fine, but this one is surprisingly effective (and works more than JUST your abs!)!

It's the Standing Military Press.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY DONNA???? That's for shoulders!!” Oh no, my future ripped-abs-friend…. these work for abs too!!! Here are some secrets for getting the abs seriously engaged…..

1. Men and women should use the same form. (No ‘sissy' presses.)

2. Use as heavy a weight as you can handle in order to complete 8-10 reps. (the 8th to 10th should be REALLY difficult, with you still being able to hold the correct form).  You want your body to really feel like you're putting yourself to work. When that 8th or 10th rep is hard, kind of like you don't want to do another one, that is the intensity you want to go for.

Female Ab Diagram  3. You only need one or two sets, no need to do a lot of sets, no need to keep doing this over and over again.

4. Here's how to do one:  Take a barbell, holding it at your chest, press it straight over your head and back down to your chest again.  Straight up and straight down.

5. HERE'S THE REAL SECRET WEAPON PART….. The trick is this, when you are pressing up, stay very calm and blow out all of your air and then you contract your stomach very hard.  Then, lower the barbell, and breathe in very slowly, releasing the abs as you do so.  Be REALLY aware of the abs.  Blowing out the air and contracting your stomach muscles… then lowering the barbell is one of the forceful ways to attack your abdominal muscles without ever doing a crunch or ever doing a setup.

6.  When you get a little stronger and start training weight a little heavier weight, you will begin to actually push with your core muscles, it is going to be a little bit of a push to get it off your chest and contract your abs and then push it up, but the results will have you believing that magic just occurred for your midsection.

It is TRULY amazing!!!  This will flatten and shape your abs so well, that ppl will ask (especially fitness trainers and the like), “Where did you train your abs??”  Serious body builders rarely train abs specifically.  You do not have to, simply do the ‘sexy muscle' exercises (lower leg, shoulder and ab area).  The best part is that the workout for the ‘sexy muscles' can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes!

 FLAT ABS Without  CRUNCHES or Sit Ups!

Originally Posted by Donna Krech on Facebook


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